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A woman sobs “I regret being a second wife I ruined someone’s marriage


Hellen Nkindu, a woman, confessed her sorrow for becoming a second wife to a man while fully aware that he was already married.

She claims that she humiliated and mocked her co-wife for being childless.

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Hellen stated that Kakamega was where she was born and raised.

However, she became pregnant while she was in form four. When she finished her examinations, she moved to Nairobi with her child because the child’s father refused to accept responsibility.

She relocated, obtained employment at a restaurant, and eventually met a man who was fifteen years her senior.

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She opted to become his second wife since he was wealthy after they exchanged contact information and began dating while fully aware that he was already married.

I knew that getting married would transform my life, and it did, she said.

The man’s wife tried her best to break up the relationship when she learned about it, but Hellen was persistent.

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She discovered that the man’s wife was childless and that they had been married for twenty years without conceiving, so she quickly became pregnant for him. The man was delighted.

The man visited her parents and gave them the bride price after learning of her pregnancy.

Hellen admitted that since the man had chosen her over his wife, she had felt victorious. The man moved into Hellen’s home after leaving his wife behind.

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Hellen claims that after becoming the second wife, she used the opportunity to make fun of the first wife for being childless.

The man stopped seeing his wife and focused on raising his children with Hellen when she gave birth to his first child and second child three years later.

After some time had gone, Hellen began to regret her actions. Because what they were doing went against the Bible and God’s teachings, she wanted to leave the man.

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She adopted a new outlook and began to distance herself from her husband. She decided to move on with life without him.

She left the house, moved to another home, and began a new chapter of her life without him.

She admitted that because she was accustomed to a luxury lifestyle, it was challenging at first.

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She made the decision to persevere, nevertheless, until she could stand again.

She is deeply sorry to her ex-co-wife for the anguish she caused her over the years and regrets breaking another woman’s marriage.


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