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According to Emefiele Nigerians now shamelessly pay dollars to attend universities in West Africa


According to CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele, Nigerians now “shamefully” spend foreign currency to attend institutions in neighboring West African nations.

After the monetary policy committee (MPC) briefing in Abuja on Tuesday, Emefiele responded to inquiries from journalists by making this statement.

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As he outlined the results of CBN’s actions in both sectors, he denounced the prevalence of medical and educational tourism.

The governor of the top bank observed that medical and educational travel together cost the nation $10 billion and urged all parties to cooperate in putting an end to it.

“We’re interested in this because it will cut down on medical tourism. Today, Nigeria spends no less than $10 billion on medical tourism. We spend at least $10 billion on a combined basis on medical and educational travel, according to Emefiele.

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“Nigerians today shamefully attend schools in several of our neighboring West African nations while paying foreign currency. I do comprehend the sentiments of ASUU and our lecturers, but they must also understand that it is a dangerous trend to keep these kids at home with their parents watching them, and that we all need to put our hands up and see what can be done to stop the current trend in educational tourism in Nigeria.

But once more, I have to express my happiness at the emergence of well-regarded private universities in Nigeria. And all we can do is keep encouraging them in order to raise the bar for education in Nigeria. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s not forget that health and education are the cornerstones of any nation’s progress.

“We cannot allow them to fade into obscurity. Therefore, everything must be done to raise the standard of healthcare and education in Nigeria. To finish this, we need all work together. But once again, I reiterate CBN’s self-serving position that Nigerian medical and educational tourism must end.

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