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Adamawa selects 500 retirees to receive N1.5 billion in gratuities


The N1.5 billion granted as a gratuity for 500 pensioners has begun to be verified by the Adamawa State Pension Board.

The verification process started on Monday with retirees waiting in line at the state Pension Board complex in Jimeta, Yola.

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Before distributing the designated monies, the 500 retirees will be vetted to confirm their eligibility, according to Chief Thomas Madi, the executive chairman of the state Pension Board.

He clarified that the people being entertained were those who had retired from the military between January and May of 2013.

Madi noted that Governor Ahmadu Fintiri’s prompt delivery of N1.3 billion was instrumental in making the exercise successful.

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The state board “has accessed almost N5 Billion since the advent of the Fintiri government for payment of gratuity and pension arrears in the state,” he claimed.

Madi, who revealed that the state still has a backlog of N20 billion in debt, primarily in the form of pension arrears from previous administrations, expressed confidence that the Fintiri administration would eventually fully offset it.

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