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After drinking a Lagos driver forgets where he parked his car


Members of the Lagos Rapid Response Squad (RRS) have discovered a 2014 Nissan Altima that a drunk driver had abandoned on Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos, as of late Saturday night.

On Saturday, July 30, the driver, 43-year-old Samuel Lawal of Magodo Estate, left his employer’s vehicle near Allen Avenue after becoming inebriated at Fela’s Shrine.

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Initial investigations indicate that after dropping off his boss (name withheld) at his residence in Magodo Phase 1.a, Lawal utilized the car to party near the Fela Shrine in Ikeja.

Additionally, it was learned that the suspect awoke on Sunday morning without knowing where he had parked the automobile and with the key in his pocket.

He told the police that he had “tried looking for the car. I went back the way I had come to African Shrine to see whether I had left the car there. All attempts to recover the car were ineffective. I was forced to tell my boss a falsehood, saying I had been robbed and the car had been driven away.

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The owner of the car indicated that despite hiring Lawal around four months ago, he had never been dishonest or sneaky and that he had always been a diligent driver.

When the driver couldn’t be reached on Sunday, the perplexed supervisor made the decision to alert RRS.

The vehicle was located on Allen Avenue, where it was recovered with all the side glasses wound down and a bottle of dry gin next to the driver’s seat. The driver was taken into custody for interrogation.

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Both the vehicle and its driver have been released.


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