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After taking office I might become king says Governor Abiodun


Ogun State’s Governor Dapo Abiodun has made hints that he may take on a traditional role after leaving office.

Abiodun, who reiterated once more that he is a prince from a royal lineage, stated that he may seek out the crown and join the league of traditional kings in Ogun, whom he claimed to envy because they have an unbroken reign.

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At a gathering of traditional leaders in Joga Orile, Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State, the governor made this disclosure.

Abiodun claimed that the Ogun West monarchs, led by Oba Akintunde Akinyemi, the Eselu of Iselu, had come to his office to inform him that they had decided to support his bid for a second term.

He reportedly insisted that the endorsement take place within the realm of the monarchs, who call themselves “The Trusted Royals,” according to Abiodun.

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“I replied let me come to your domain for the endorsement when The Trusted Royals executive muffled the concept that they wanted to support me.

You are aware that I am a prince as well. Maybe after I leave office, I’ll go sit down and consider how I’m going to transport my crown. so that upon my retirement I may be proclaimed an Oba,”

Added Abiodun.

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The governor remarked:

“We must always treat you (Obas) with respect. I am highly knowledgeable about the functions of obas in government. You are the one who is closest to the people. You’re the custodians of our varying reach culture and traditions. You’re the ones that feel the pulse of our citizens. You know them better than we do, and we must ensure that we continue to consult with you.

“We must accord you the importance and the relevance that your throne deserves.”

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The Iperu-born Abiodun said the governor’s office, though highly exalted, does not confer on him the status of an emperor or a king that cannot be questioned.

He maintained that the governor is only the custodian of the powers vested in him by way of an election to allow him to govern over his people democratically.

“This office does not say I cannot be questioned. I am a servant leader; and I am tenured, unlike you. I’m very envious (of you), I’m tenured. Some of you have been on your thrones for years. I know Kabiyesi Awujale has been on the throne for over 60 years.”

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Abiodun said he is cognizant that his position is transient, saying he would not take it for granted.

“I’ve promised to serve the people of Ogun State very diligently. I will be fair, I promise to be just, equitable and I promise that no part of this state will be developed at the expense of another part,”

He stated.

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