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All you need to know about Level 3 where ‘evicted’ housemates were sent


Big Brother Naija on Sunday provided the audience with fresh twists as the reality show gradually enters its final weeks.

Host of the show, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, announced that Level 3 has been created.

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Although the viewers were left confused initially, it became clearer after Doyin was evicted.

Doyin, who was the first housemate evicted on Sunday, did not come out to the stage to meet Ebuka. Instead, she appeared in the Level 3 house.

The second housemate to be evicted was Eloswag, and he joined Doyin.

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Ebuka later explained that they have been evicted indeed and are out of the running to win the N100million grand prize.

However, Biggie will keep them in the Level 3 house until at least Sunday, September 18.

Chomzy became the third housemate to be introduced into the Level 3 house.

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A statement on Big Brother Naija’s website read: “The House Guests are no longer in the running for the highly coveted Grand Prize but are eligible to earn winnings from Sponsored Tasks. Unbeknownst to them and the Housemates, they will occupy Level 3 until 18 September at the very least, partaking in normal House activities such as Diary Sessions, Tasks and Head of House Games. Nominations also remain the same, but no one in the House would know if the House Guests are Evicted or not.

“Since then, the former Level 2 has remained vacant, until now. Level 2 has now become Level 3; a home for the Evicted Housemates. These Housemates will no longer be referred to as such but as House Guests.”

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