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An Open Letter to Big Brother Naija’s Organizers and Management


Greetings, BBNaija team.

If you actually had any good intentions for Nigeria as it is right now, you would have agreed to let this year’s edition of the show slide, but I haven’t seen anyone say it yet, so I’ll say it myself.

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It is clear that you don’t give much thought to what happens to the typical Nigerian by forcing the exhibition this year despite the fact that conditions are clearly not favorable.

Observe, guys

The biggest test for our continued existence as a civilized human race will come this year. The current exchange rate for a dollar is 650+ Naira. To cover the interest on its obligations, the nation is borrowing. What do we have at a time when Islamization may be on the horizon?

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A TV reality show!

This represents a grave insult to our intelligence and a danger to the typical Nigerian.

Is there nobody in your management who even remotely understands the impending national doom and why now is the moment to pay the greatest attention?

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The wealthiest arm of government, NNPC, who oversees all oil-related activities in Nigeria, has made the decision to LOAN MONEY!


Do you even get what this means, guys?

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In the end, the choices we make in the next 40 weeks will literally determine how life continues in Nigeria.

Instead of a low-quality, poorly planned, self-contained flat to record unlawful sex, immoral cohabitation, and masturbatory lunacy for Nigerians, we actually need the best political knowledge and civic education at this time to stand a chance.

not at this time.

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Examine your set’s layout.

Take a look at your kitchen, with its ugly colors, decrepit furnishings, shoddy landscaping, and even the menus. Take a look at this year’s edition’s poor audio and video quality.

The audio equipment is shrieking.

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It is obvious that even BBNaija is struggling financially.

The event should not have taken place this year because the show is insolvent.

More than 35% of Nigeria’s mid-range hotels are currently unable to maintain air conditioning due to the nearly 1k per litre price of fuel.

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Retirees in Nigeria have not received their gratuities in years; some of them are currently tardy. More than 30 years have passed in vain.

ASUU has gone on 16 protracted strikes in the past 23 years! The majority of your audience, Nigerian students, haven’t attended class in months, and the situation doesn’t seem particularly encouraging.

For example, the average price of haircuts, phones, food, internet plans, housing, clothing, TV subscriptions, and air travel has grown by an additional 30% to 65%.

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Nigerians are unable to keep up.

Live streaming and several services are too much for churches to handle. Families lack access to enough garri.

Next comes insurgency.

Attacks and derails occur on trains.

Some nutjobs entered a church brandishing live ammunition, shooting worshippers to death. Another set of retards attacked a nursery school and blew children’s limbs off their bodies.

And to make the statement bold enough, the convoy of Nigeria’s Commander-in-Chief, the very president, the mobile command station of Nigeria’s security and defence, was attacked!

They were crazy enough to make an attempt on the life of the President himself.

And in the face of all these, you still get to film and stream nothing but nudity, sexual oddity and foul language to Nigerians?

Such a level of insensitivity can only come from deeply ingrained selfishness. All that matters are votes and funding. For many of your viewers, their cable subscription for this show is the last one they’ve had in a while.

But your team hasn’t considered these.

I probably know nothing about the entertainment business, and of course, someone will say, “It’s just 3 months.” Look at where we live and let’s talk about how some of the most insane events in our nation slipped by like a flash.

The dollar made it to 600+ in weeks.

Insurgency is spreading to the South weekly.

If you had 50,000 Naira in June, weeks later by today, that money would be worth about 43,000 Naira. Gas per kg had increased by an extra 88 – 140 Naira in a few weeks.

That’s just a handful of the crude events that happen in Nigeria in just a few weeks, so 3 months right now is damn long enough for people to wake up and communities have been totalled.

This show is creating a major distraction while one of the most affective political decisions we will ever make slips by without our notice.

You’re about to keep us busy with porn while the fate of our lives is decided by misfits who don’t know the second thing about serving a country.

Let it be known this day that if the 2023 elections go wrong, if Nigerian youths flop in their choices this time again, the entire team of ignoramuses behind the BBN TV show wasn’t helping.

Let it be known this day that our young bloods were being distracted at the most critical time of their lives as citizens of a country.

If this goes south again, let it be remembered that BBNAIJA 2022 was inadvertently a large chuck of the mess.

Let it be remembered that the team behind the BBN TV show considered porn as superior to our collective wellbeing and integrity as Nigerians.


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