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Anambra State Government Prohibits Mini-Skirt Uniform


Students are not permitted to enter any state-run educational facility wearing mini-length clothes, according to the Anambra State Government.

The announcement of the restriction was required because schools begin on Monday, according to Prof. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, commissioner for education, who made the statement in Awka on Sunday.

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She said that the ban had been communicated to the state’s secretaries of education for both public and private schools.

The commissioner believes that wearing miniskirts as part of the growing trend of school uniforms is totally improper for youngsters of school age.

“A student should appear professional, be well-groomed, exude positivity, and not be inappropriately dressed for school.

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She stated, “The appropriate length for uniforms in the state continues to be knee length and not above the knee, which is quickly becoming as the fashion trend in schools.

To save the future of pupils in the state, the commissioner stated that Education Secretaries had been tasked with ensuring that schools followed the directive.

In order for the students to behave appropriately and develop into responsible individuals, Chuma-Udeh advised the secretaries to instill in them the proper principles and rules. (NAN).

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