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Ayu: Bode George the PDP’s chairman must come from the South


Former Peoples Democratic Party deputy national chairman Bode George is pushing for a southerner to succeed Iyorchia Ayu as the party’s national chairman and has called for his resignation.

George contends that the party’s current leadership, which includes a president and national chairman from the north, cannot continue.

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George claims that Ayu’s refusal to resign sends a message to PDP members in the South that they don’t matter. At a news conference on Thursday in Lagos, George said this.

He declared, “In the sake of peace and party unity, we disregarded the concept of rotation as stipulated in our party’s constitution and elected Atiku Abubakar as our presidential candidate in May of this year. Right now, our presidential candidate and our national chairman are both from the same zone.

“Some people are adamant that there is nothing wrong with the situation as it is right now. According to some, this occurred when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was president because the candidate and the national chairman were both from the same zone.

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“To tell the truth, the situation back then and now differs noticeably. The party’s leader at the time, a president who was in office, was from the South, while the candidate was from the North.

“In addition, Dr. Ahmadu Ali, the National Chairman, was leaving at that time. That argument is invalid because our party does not now have a President in Aso Villa. We must quit acting like zombies and playing games.

“Let me briefly describe how the current crisis came to be.

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“According to the vision of our party’s founding fathers, there are six top posts in our nation: the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, the President, the Vice President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Senate President, and the National Chairman of the party.

As of right now, we only hold control over three of these six posts, particularly the positions of National Chairman, Vice Presidential Candidate, and Presidential.

I recall that Dr. Iyorchia Ayu made it clear that, should the Presidential Candidate come from the North, he would step down in order for a new National Chairman to come from a different zone before the presidential campaign began.

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“The remaining three jobs are cutting-edge. These positions—Senate President, Speaker, and Secretary to the Federal Government—will only be filled after we win the elections.

“It does not make any political sense for the Presidential Candidate and the National Chairman to come from the same zone since inclusivity, oneness, and togetherness are necessary. We currently find ourselves in a scenario where some seniors are saying “it does not matter.” Can we lead our national campaign in the election with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, both from the same zone?

“This will be an insult to the electorate and party members from the South, as well as an act of impunity.

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“Dr. Ayu publicly stated before the May presidential primary that he would quit if the North’s candidate won the election. So why has he steadfastly refused to keep his word? He is reneging, so why? What makes him so reluctant to step down?

“The party and the nation are going nowhere until we come together and unless our system is based on fairness, equity, and justice.

“I am not a fortune teller, but I have traveled around our nation and have learned a great deal about politics. Unless rationality wins out and we promptly apply the brake, everything I have stated above will happen.

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The First and Second Republics’ demise was caused by the same narrow-minded and unpatriotic thinking.

“What is good for the goose is good for the gander,” I said in my intervention, “therefore my intervention is about the future of this country.”

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