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Chimamanda Adichie: I’m excited to support Peter Obi in the 2023 election


Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie says she is eager to vote for Peter Obi in the 2023 presidential election.
Mr. Obi is the Labour Party’s (LP) choice for president in the upcoming election.

This was said by Ms. Adichie in a tribute she shared on her verified Facebook page to Mr. Obi, who turned 61 on Tuesday.

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The author of “Half of a Yellow Sun” remarked, “I cannot wait for February 25, 2023, when I, with personal pride in you and with hope for what Nigeria might become, will cast my vote for you and your running mate, Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed.”

She said that she is motivated by Mr. Obi’s intellectual curiosity, his desire to learn, and his “true love of education” (which is why you sought out and praised your father back when you first found that he was Nigeria’s first professor of statistics, years ago).

The bestselling novelist claimed that she has always appreciated Mr. Obi’s compassionate pragmatism and how he is open to speaking with practically anyone if doing so will result in a favorable conclusion.

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The renowned author’s backing of Mr. Obi’s bid for the presidency has continued to stir up discussion on social media, with many commenters praising the partnership between Mr. Obi and Ms. Adichie.

Mr. Obi recently become the LP’s presidential candidate. After dropping out of the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential primary elections, he joined the LP.

Since then, the former governor of Anambra has kept gaining supporters, particularly from young Nigerians who are adept at using social media.

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Happy Birthday, my loving Big Brother, Peter Obi!

I’ll never forget how gracious you were to my dear parents. Thank you for treating Daddy and Mummy with respect and for your frequent trips to Abba, where you offered them the most priceless gifts of all: your time and your attention.

I’d like to thank you for accompanying my siblings and I on this still excruciating sorrow journey.

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I recall how you entertained Daddy and Mummy with your tales up until the point where we began making fun of your fixation with the “GDP of Malaysia.” But your fixation on Nigeria and your belief in what it may become spoke of your optimism. a conviction that has always been anchored in facts, statistics, and reality.

When I ribbed you about the cheap hotel you were staying in when you came to support me when I was being recognized by the United Nations Foundation in New York, you just shrugged and remarked, “It’s just a place to sleep, why do I need to be in an expensive place?”

Only a few days later, you once more showed how generous you are to the causes you support, which reminded me of all the hospitals, schools, and churches you have sponsored over the years, frequently quietly. It is highly admirable that you have always been transparent about your priorities, what important to you, and what you think ought to matter.

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I have always liked your humanistic pragmatism and willingness to communicate with practically anyone if it results in a positive outcome. And how you adhere to certain principles without espousing any particular ones And how you perceive individuals since you understand that a person’s worth cannot be determined by their possessions.

And the way you can laugh at yourself and when I make fun of your “one shoe and one shirt” outfit.
And how your essential self has remained constant throughout.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness and care. for your humor and sincerity. for your readiness to accept others’ and your own imperfections while understanding that nobody is flawless. Because of your affable politeness and your genuine humility.

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I am motivated by your intellectual curiosity, your desire to study, and your sincere love of education (which is why, years ago, you sought out and honored Daddy when you discovered that he was Nigeria’s first statistics professor). You are a decent man. Because sometimes the most basic language is the best at expressing the most complicated ideas, I’ll end here. You’re cherished. Your support is felt.

May you always be able to talk about the charming, self-assured Margaret (thank God she agreed for you!) and your lovely children, A and E, without bringing a smile to your face.

May joy always surround you and your family.

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My mother referred to you as her “first son,” my brothers and I refer to you as our “big brother,” and I can’t wait to refer to you as “My President.”

I can’t wait to cast my vote for you and your running mate, Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, on February 25, 2023, with personal pride in you and hope for what Nigeria can become.

Dube Chukwu gi. God protect you.

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Sincerely, Chimamanda


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