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Clerics: At Shettima’s Unveiling We Didn’t Represent CAN


The religious leaders who attended the official announcement of Senator Kashim Shetiima, a former governor of Borno State, as Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s running mate have provided documentation of their ordination as clerics and the founding of Christian ministries.

Additionally, they dispelled a common misconception that they attended the event in their capacity as representatives of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

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They had attended the event, which had caused media commotion and rumors of sponsored imitation.

Earlier, the Nigerian Christian community had protested Tinubu’s choice of a Muslim running partner.

The Muslim-Christian Love Foundation’s secretary, Bishop Adams Abel King, who spoke at a press conference on Monday in Abuja on behalf of other clerics, said they never presented themselves as representatives of CAN at the event.

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At the press conference, certain religious leaders
Bishop King said that they identified with Senator Shettima and the APC as a result of Borno State’s development under his leadership, particularly the preservation of all people’s rights regardless of faith.

They declared:

“Even though Senator Kashim Shettima assumed the reins of the state during a trying period marked by terrorist attacks and a deadly insurgency, his mature, cautious, and decisive management of the state’s affairs helped preserve the social fabric that bound together several communities and gave Christians confidence that the government was still devoted to their freedoms and well-being.”

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These contributions and Senator Shettima’s honest dedication to upholding everyone’s rights without discrimination or bias, in accordance with the Constitution, make him a brother and an ally in the clerics’ efforts to advance harmonious interfaith relations in the nation.

They denied rumors that they had been paid to attend the event as leaders of the CAN and pose as them.

The group revealed the identities of their different churches and ministries while defending their legitimacy as church leaders.

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The Christian Revival Evangelical Mission Worldwide, led by Apostle Godwin Livinus, the Divine Prophetic End Time Gospel Faith, led by Bishop Dr. Emeka Theodore in Kubwa, Abuja, and the Light House of every Nation Ministry, led by Bishop Emmanuel Sunday Jayeola are among the organizations named.

The group criticized the abuse and teasing they received for attending the rally and claimed it was their democratic right to choose a side.

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