Comedienne Kie Kie says ‘fall’ at award show, a prank


Comedienne Kie Kie says ‘fall’ at award show, a prank

Popular comedienne and show host, Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, popularly known as Kie Kie, has addressed her ‘fall’ at the Trendupp Awards.

Kie Kie was the host for the award show which held on Sunday night.

In a viral video, the skit maker tripped and fell on the stage while she danced.

However, in a post on her Instagram Story on Monday, the actress has revealed that the ‘fall’ was a prank.

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She appreciated her fans for checking up on her, stating that she felt loved.

The show host noted that those at the event knew that it was a prank, as she asked her fans not to worry about her.

She said, “Guys! Thank you for checking up on me! I feel loved.

“However ignore the media, it was a PRANK! Those at the event knows that! So don’t worry I’m fine. Thank you.”

The Trendupp Awards celebrated individuals who have proven to be a force across social media platforms.

Content creators like Mr Macaroni, Kie Kie, James Brown, and others were recipients of the award.

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