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commuters in Lagos respond to new BRT fares


On Sunday, some BRT passengers in Lagos voiced their opinions over the N100 increase in the fare that became effective on July 13.


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They both gave interviews to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos in separate conversations.

According to NAN, Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu approved a N100 increase on all BRT routes to meet the rise in operational costs, such as diesel and spare parts.

The state government, according to Mr. Saka Lawal, an Ikorodu resident and printer at Fadeyi, should have sought public input prior to the final execution, he claimed.

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Lawal, a frequent user of the BRT, claimed that before the decision was made, they had been in communication with the government over WhatsApp for more than a month.

According to him, some passengers found the amount to be excessive, and there was concern that other commercial buses might follow suit and raise their costs as a result.

Lawal encouraged the government to provide more buses, particularly at Ikorodu, to address the issue of long lines that cause many people to arrive at work late every day.

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We recognize that diesel is expensive and not always accessible at filling stations, but the government should raise the bar and shorten lines at BRT bus stops, he said.

A banker on Lagos Island named Mr. Adewale Johnson thought the N100 increase was fair.

However, he asserted that there ought to be more buses in order to minimize the crowding at the bus stops.

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As a merchant, Miss Toyin Ayilara, who runs a bus service from Abule-Egba to Oshodi, claimed the raise would have an impact on her daily budget.

She encouraged the government to purchase more buses as well.

Additionally, Mr. Yekini Sanusi, a rug vendor in Itire, claimed that despite having paid N600 for a BRT top-up on his Cowry card, he ultimately boarded other commercial buses after waiting in line for three hours.

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“We are not happy with the escalation; during the scorching COVID-19, the fare from Ikorodu to CMS or Costain was N300; nevertheless, it was raised to N500 while the social distance was being observed.

According to Sanusi, “After the period, the administration refused to lower the fare and increase the number of buses, and now they have increased the fare by N100.

He begged the state administration to change the fare because there were many issues facing the nation that the average citizen was suffering from.

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Mrs. Mary Emeka, an Ojo resident and tailor at Tejuosho Market, pleaded with the government to increase the number of buses that travel the Ojo-CMS axis.



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