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Delegates to the APC Presidential Primary are second-guessing their choices now Says Rotimi Amaechi


Former All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate and former minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi asserted that some of the delegates who voted at the APC’s special convention were now regretting their votes.

Former Rivers State governor Amaechi asserted that some convention goers who accepted cash afterwards regretted their decisions.

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“Who are the people who cast ballots in the APC primaries? Ordinary Nigerians describe them. Amaechi spoke during the 60th birthday celebration of Apostle Eugene Ogu, General Overseer of Abundant Life Evangel Mission, in Port Harcourt. “The modest money they got fixed their immediate problem, now they are saying they made a mistake, you are now hearing various things,” Amaechi remarked.

“If you are praying for us, please pray for the nation’s leadership as well as for the ability of regular Nigerians to select the best president to lead the nation.

Although they might not be bishops, the Christians you saw at Shettima’s unveiling are bishops nonetheless. Say a prayer for the Nigerian people. I’m not joking when I ask you to support APC. I pray that God would help you choose the candidate who will change Nigeria.

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Money donations are not the answer to Nigeria’s problems. You all need to stand up to solve the issues facing Nigeria.

“They said Amaechi is not a decent man and I left office today, what am I?,” I stated when awarding contracts and money. an angel. When you wed two wives, you can tell which one is superior.

“Nowadays, people claim that the level of insecurity was lower while Amaechi was in town. Keep in mind that I was constantly pursuing the thieves in the bushes. I’ll come and look for you if you kidnap. We go into the jungle together and have to find the man, so I’ll call the security heads. Kidnapping is become commonplace; you should anticipate it. Nobody is concerned.

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