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Don’t allow the law governing widows’ inheritance rights to be forgotten – group to FIDA NGOs


A group of widows in Cross River State has urged the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) to prevent the Rivers State Government’s law providing widows rights to family properties from being forgotten.

The group claimed in a statement issued Saturday morning in Calabar that officials might stop enforcing the law’s provisions if they lack enthusiasm or resolve.

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They reminded FIDA that several commendable laws in Nigeria had met with abandonment.

Given the awful exploitation women have experienced in the majority of Nigerian communities, they called the promulgation “a most welcome move.”

When taking into account that Governor Nyesom Wike is from Ikwerre, where long-standing custom and tradition specifically forbade women from inheriting property left by their fathers or spouses, even when they are older than the male children, it is easiest to understand the significance of this development in his administration.

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They urged the National Assembly to approve the Act banning inhumane practices towards widows in Nigeria as quickly as possible.

They contend that they are all too familiar with the hardship and humiliation that women have experienced as a result of having their right to inherit denied to them.

The group committed to work with other organizations in Rivers State to implement the protection of women’s inheritance rights as guaranteed by the new Law.

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