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Due to the economic crisis Nigeria’s oldest carrier Aero Contractors has stopped operations


Due to the economic crisis, Nigeria’s oldest airline, Aero Contractors, has temporarily ceased operations.
Airlines have been grumbling about the rising cost of “Jet A1” aviation fuel as well as its dearth.

The Jet A1 crisis and other operational issues have left the airlines bleeding, according to the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON), who recently suggested that two airlines may soon cease operations.

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The airline announced the news in a statement and stated that the business would cease on July 20.

The approved maintenance organization (AMO), also known as AeroMRO, the approved training organization (ATO), also known as Aero Training School, and the helicopter and charter services operations are unaffected in any manner by the temporary halt in operations, according to the statement.

This choice was carefully thought through and made because the majority of our aircraft are now undergoing maintenance, making it impossible for us to provide smooth and effective service to our valued customers.

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In order to continue providing our passengers with the renownedly safe, effective, and dependable services that Aero Contractors is recognized for, which is the trademark of Aero Contractors Company of Nig. Ltd., we are striving to put these aircraft back into service within the next few weeks.

“For the aviation business in general and airline operators in particular, the previous several months have been particularly difficult. High maintenance costs, soaring gasoline costs, inflation, and a lack of foreign currency all contribute to high exchange rates. These are a few of the key elements that make up airline operations.

We assure our valued customers and stakeholders of our determination to return to service as soon as possible and that our brief absence will not result in a significant gap in the market. We are working closely with our business partners to ensure that ticket holders experience the least amount of inconvenience possible.

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We are working with our partner airlines to lessen the impact on our valued customers as members of Spring Alliance, a commercial alliance whose member airlines support one another in the field of operations.

“To assist impacted respected customers in reaching their destinations, our customer service staff will be working.

We deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused our valued clients and vow to resume service as soon as practical. We appreciate your cooperation and patience at this time, and we thank you in advance.

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