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El-Rufai Threatens To Fire All Kaduna Lecturers During The ASUU Strike


Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has threatened to sack all of the teachers at KASU if they continue to take part in the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike.

ASUU has reportedly been on strike since February because the federal government has not met with its demands, according to ecocitytv.

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The administration has tried multiple times, but without success, to get the lecturers back into the classrooms as of right now.

Just on Monday, labor unions in various regions of the nation started protesting in support of ASUU.

El-Rufai, however, stated that the lecturers should return to the classroom in order to prevent having their seats declared vacant on a radio program in Kaduna on Wednesday. He also added that KASU lecturers had no cause to join any strike.

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He said that the federal government, not the state government, was the source of the ASUU’s issues.

“The Acting Vice Chancellor has promised me that they will resume, but I have asked them to ascertain whether they truly resumed work, as I initially directed that their salary be terminated,” he stated. However, I later learned that they had not participated in the strike, so I requested that the matter be looked into and that anyone who received pay while participating in the strike be required to return it.

This is due to Nigerian legislation, which states that “no work, no pay.” That is the rule. Therefore, none of the strikers will receive a salary. We have been informing the lecturers at KASU that they have no issues with the State government. The issue facing ASUU is the federal government. So why would our employees, who have no issues with us, join the strike?

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“I swear to God, if this keeps on, I’ll wake up one day and fire them all. We will sack them all and declare their positions vacant on the pages of newspapers. They previously done the same thing, and after we warned them, they did it again. All I’m waiting for is the commissioner of education’s report. If strikers refuse to return to work, I pledge to God that we will fire everyone who participated in the strike.


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