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Elders in the North Are Opposing Tinubu the Primate Ayodele Cries Out


On Wednesday, Primate Elijah Ayodele claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari was being pressured to hand over to Kashim Shettima, the APC’s vice presidential candidate.

He claimed that Northern elders have chosen Shettima over Bola Ahmed Tinubu as their preferred candidate for the APC presidential nomination.

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The cleric made this disclosure in a press release that was signed by his media assistant, Osho Oluwatosin.

He clarified that Northern elders favor Shettima because they would rather have a Kanuri guy than a Fulani as Nigeria’s next leader.

Buhari was warned by Primate Ayodele not to meddle in the affairs of his successor.

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The pastor urged Buhari to put an end to the Northern elders’ intentions because they would cause significant bloodshed, unrest, and anarchy in Nigeria.

Ayodele asked Buhari to conduct the election of his successor in a free and impartial manner.

He remarked:

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There is pressure on President Buhari to refuse Atiku, Peter Obi, and Tinubu the presidency.

“Shettima is a Northern strategy, not Tinubu’s, and any attempt to impose Shettima will result in a terrible slaughter in Nigeria as well as serious unrest and disorder.

There is pressure on the president to turn over to a Kanuri man. The elders of the North planted Kashim Shettima because they preferred the Kanuri to the Fulani. They want to make sure APC wins the election because they know it will bring down Nigeria.

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