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Ex-minister criticizes the Nigerian government and the Senate’s conduct during Ekweremadu’s UK trial


Buhari Bala, a former minister of state for foreign affairs, criticized the Senate and the Nigerian government for their stance on Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s prosecution.

In the UK, charges are being brought against the former vice president of the senate from Enugu State.

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Sonia, the lawmaker’s 25-year-old daughter, was given a rare kidney illness diagnosis in 2019. She recently requested a donor in the open.

A Nigerian kid named David Ukpo claimed that he was transferred to the UK for organ harvesting, leading to the arrest of Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice.

Bala said in a statement on Monday that it was revolting that the government and informed citizens had not done their best to stand in support of the Senator.

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The former official claimed that since Ekweremadu was merely attempting to save his daughter’s life, he had expected more from the Federal and Enugu governments.

It speaks a lot about our reward system when someone who has faithfully served this country at various levels of both the state and the federal government is subjected to such humiliation without any justifiable concern or basis for complaint from the public or the government.

In relation to Ekweremadu’s case, Bala urged the federal government to put greater pressure on the British government because the occurrence “is of the mind and not of the heart.”

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He claimed that Ekweremadu’s notification of the British High Commission in Abuja of his plans demonstrates that he was not doubtful but rather driven by desperation, “which any decent and responsible parent would do.”

“If we permit Senator Ekweremadu to perish in a foreign country in such a manner, it would send a very hazardous message about the value we place on patriotism in our nation, because before this happened the Senator was outstandingly patriotic.”

Bala asked the National Assembly and the Senate in particular to exert more influence over their British counterparts.

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“The Foreign Affairs Ministry should act diplomatically in a similar manner as soon as possible. Ekweremadu is a currently serving ranking senator who also has the CFR, one of Nigeria’s highest awards, and a diplomatic passport, according to the statement.

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