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Ex-SGF Lawal: God Will Judge Between Nigerian Christians & Tinubu


Former SGF and All Progressive Congress (APC) leader Dr. Babachir Lawal has stated that Nigerian voters will decide between Bola Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim APC ticket and Christians in the 2023 presidential election by acting in accordance with God’s justice and equity.

The veteran politician argued that during and after the general election, Tinubu had shown his boldness and disregard for Nigerian Christians.

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In response to Tinubu’s final submission of a Muslim politician as his running mate in the 2023 presidential election, the former SGF made the announcement on Saturday in a new press statement.

I did say it: people the gods intend to destroy they first make mad, according to the statement obtained by DAILY POST.

“Tinubu has laid down the challenge. Alhaji Kashim Shetima is the candidate he has put up. He has maintained that he just needs Muslim votes to win the presidency and doesn’t care what Christians think about their ballots.

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He has the right to hold this job because it is his. I give in to him.

“We have taken up this challenge. Alhaji Tinubu, a Nigerian Christian, and his party, the APC, will compete for votes in Nigeria, and the God of justice and equality will choose the winner.

“This is our country, and we won’t let Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu put us, our family, and our faith in a lower social level in it.

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“This is an existential crisis for us. Our rights to justice and to coexisting in harmony with the followers of various religions are in danger.

“A Christian boy from northern Nigeria deserves to inherit a future in which he can pursue becoming the President or Vice President of Nigeria.

“The Nigerian Constitution upholds and even guarantees our position, which is supported by the Bible.

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All right, Alhaji Tinubu! Hurry up, APC!

“Once more, to your tents, Israel. The Bible mentions a historical period when:

There were 200 tribal chiefs from the tribe of Issachar, together with their family, according to 1 Chronicles 12:32. These men were all aware of the indications of the times and knew what was best for Israel to do.

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One of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s closest allies and the APC presidential candidate, Lawal has repeatedly warned the party and Tinubu against any attempt to run a Muslim-Muslim ticket in the upcoming election.

He warned Tinubu in four private letters about the repercussions of running on a Muslim-Muslim ticket at the expense of the Nigerian Christians in the North to show his adamant opposition.

However, Tinubu’s final submission of Muslim former Borno State governor Kashim Shetima to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, as his running mate in the subsequent year’s presidential election made the advice go unheeded.

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