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FIFA decides whether to exclude Ecuador from the 2022 World Cup


After FIFA rejected an ineligibility petition made against one of Ecuador’s players, Byron Castillo, the South American nation will keep its place in the Qatar World Cup of 2022.

This comes in response to petitions from the Chilean and Peruvian football organisations.

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Castillo now has the approval of FIFA’s appeals committee to play for Ecuador.

Jorge Yunge, general secretary of the Football Federation of Chile (FFC), declared that “today is a terrible day for football and for the legitimacy of the system.”

For Ecuador, Castillo participated in eight World Cup qualification games, but the FFC alleged the 23-year-old used a forged birth certificate.

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According to a statement released by FIFA on Friday, “the player was to be deemed as holding permanent Ecuadorian nationality” based on the documentation provided.

The current verdict is still open to appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, it was added.

FFC will appeal FIFA’s judgment, according to Eduardo Carlezzo, the FFC’s attorney.

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“I have never seen an injustice like this one in my whole life as a lawyer,” Carlezzo remarked.

There are a ton of documentation that, by themselves, demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that the footballer was born in Colombia.

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