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Good player Harry Maguire according to Giorgio Chiellini


Giorgio Chiellini, a seasoned Italian defender who retired from international competition following this summer’s Finalissima match against Argentina, has defended Harry Maguire of Manchester United.

After moving from Leicester City to Manchester United for £80 million, Maguire has come under fire.

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Chiellini expressed his sadness for Maguire because he is a fantastic player in response to the criticism.

Because Maguire is a terrific player, Chiellini said, “I am sad for his circumstances.”

They ask too much of him, they say. Does he have to win every game just because they spent £80 million on him? It’s improper.

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“Many factors that you cannot control affect the market’s worth.” You are not at blame.

He and [John Stones] make a great team. Maguire may not be Rio Ferdinand, but he is still good.

“With this circumstance, doing [England’s] best is not helpful.” With certain issues in the important players, winning the World Cup is unthinkable, and Maguire is unquestionably one of the team’s vital players.

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Italy won the European Championship last year under the 38-year-old Italian’s captainship after defeating England at Wembley on penalties.


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