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Have You Ever Suffered From Sleep Paralysis Demons – Exchange Experience


What is this “devil” that imprisons you in your body as you sleep, preventing you from moving or screaming?
Some people see it as an ethereal presence that is attempting to suffocate them. Others describe it as a spooky, clawed elderly woman.

Some people glimpse an extraterrestrial and have what they perceive to be a complete alien abduction.

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The origins of sleep paralysis demons are explained differently in many cultures.

Every person must go through sleep paralysis more than once during their lifetime, according to psychologists.

This is particularly terrifying if you’re experiencing a dream about a spiritual attack and want to pray or scream for help, but you feel like you’re being restrained by a powerful force and are powerless to act.

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Please share your ideas and experiences regarding this with the guys.

Have you ever had sleep paralysis prior to encountering demons?

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