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I Completed My Social Experiment the Lagos PPRO


I finally put my sociological experiment to use. At roughly 11:50 p.m., I drove through Ikeja in a private automobile while wearing a mufti. I went by two police checkpoints. I remained at the first for five seconds without hearing from the policeman. He merely waved me forward.

I stayed at the second for thirty seconds. Policeman: Are you Uber? Me: No. It’s my own vehicle. Find me something, officer. Me: I do not understand. Officer: I see you’re okay. Please find me something. Me: (silence). Oya, dey go, officer.

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On both occasions, immediately I was flagged down, I switched on the cabin light and wound down the glass on my side. First to welcome was I. In the second case, I also purposefully grinned and seemed approachable.

They didn’t recognize me, and I didn’t identify myself either. That never happened. Not even papers were requested. I am positive there are many people with similar experiences out there. I realize that everyone is different. However, one thing is certain.

Respect is mutual. Appreciate those who stand out there all day and night for lesser pay. Avoid being patronizing. Don’t be unnecessarily aggressive. Don’t be docile too. Always be firm with your rights. And don’t resort to taking the laws in your hands.

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There isn’t Utopia anywhere. Report the few bad eggs and we will continue to do internal cleansing. Thought to share my social experiment. Will tinker with the variables next time.


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