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If Chioma hadn’t become pregnant Davido would have wed her according to Sonia Ogiri


Sonia Ogiri, a well-known Nollywood actress, has shared her thoughts on why she believes Davido chose not to wed Chef Chioma Rowland.

She believed Chioma made a mistake by allowing herself to serve as one of his baby moms.

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In response to the news that his fourth kid with UK model Larissa London had been confirmed, Sonia released this remark.

She claimed that if Chioma hadn’t become pregnant while he had other expectant mothers, the singer would have been more serious about picking her as his bride.

Even though Davido is her favorite singer and the best in the world, the actress proceeded by expressing that she would oppose if he fell pregnant with a second woman.

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Who else is thinking what I’m thinking? she asked in her letter. It’s time to pray for Davido’s marriage now that we’ve seen his fourth child.

I consider him to be the BEST artist in the world because of my unrivaled love for him. No more baby mom, we will be overjoyed if you choose to marry Sophia instead of Chi, for whom we have been praying.

I don’t know who convinced Chi to join the babymama group after the public display of his devotion to her, which made it evident that he was ready to wed her. If she hadn’t become pregnant during the throes of that passionate love, they would have already been married by this point. Thank you so much for the fresh addition.

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