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Igbo Criminals Hiding In Anambra Behind Agitation Fight and Insecurity – Soludo


The reason kidnapping and insecurity are so prevalent in the state is explained by Charles Soludo, the governor of Anambra State.

The governor asserted that Anambra was a target for criminals because of its economic prominence among South-East states.

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He said that in reaction to the recent increase in state-wide insecurity, his administration has put various measures in place to counter the threat.

Igbo people are the ones causing crimes in the state, according to Soludo, who claimed as much in an interview with Channels TV’s Politics Today on Sunday.

Furthermore, contrary to common assumption, criminals are both recognized and not unknown, according to the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, because they are constantly profiled in the media.

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They are out and out criminals. Some of these criminals conceal themselves behind acts of agitation, but IPOB has frequently cut ties with the criminals.

They engage in kidnapping and other illegal activity because it is profitable. Since Anambra is without a doubt the wealthiest state in the South-East, it makes sense that this is also the place where kidnappings are most prevalent.

“It won’t be simple persuading someone to go back to his Okada business anymore if you have an Okada rider who goes into the jungle, learns to shoot, and joins a criminal group after they abduct someone and make millions.

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“But we are wiping them out. They are not unidentified gunmen, just unidentified enough to not be immediately apprehended. However, I can assure you that we have been catching quite a few of them, and they are already aware that Anambra is no longer a secure place for them.

“Let me be clear about this: every single person we have apprehended is Igbo. No one is pretending to be invading from elsewhere. It’s all Igbo on Igbo.

“Igbo from other South-East states and other regions of Nigeria flow into Anambra in proportionate amounts. The first group of individuals we catch when we stage are Igbo from the South-East states, not from Anambra. But as we went along, we found that many young people were joining them, and we weren’t hiding among them; rather, we were treating them equally, Soludo added.

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