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Injured wife dies while pursuing her husband side chic


Unknown woman, who was apparently chasing her husband on the highway on Sunday night in Calabar, was engaged in a horrifying car accident.

According to reports, the woman passed away shortly after being taken to the hospital.

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According to eyewitnesses, the woman decided to chase her husband and the other woman after she saw them together at the SPAR Calabar Shopping Mall and assumed they were dating.

She tried to trick the pair by driving off the road after a few minutes on the highway.

An observer explained,

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“The woman hurriedly drove to double cross them after seeing her husband at the Spar shop with another woman in the car. When her husband spotted her car and rushed away, the woman became irate and accelerated.

“I had just passed them in traffic when I saw her involved in the collision in less than three minutes. When she passed away, she was not cognizant.

“The spouse who was running abruptly dropped off the companion and hurried to the scene to help revive her from the car. She’s been taken urgently to the hospital. We hope she makes it through.

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Due to the injuries she incurred in the collision, the woman was eventually determined to be dead.

The event was reported to Vanguard by Maikano Hassan, Sector Commander for the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

He claimed that speeding was to blame for the event.

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Despite being taken to a local hospital right away, the woman passed away a short time later as a result of the accident’s injuries.

He spoke.

Social media users have responded to the situation in a variety of ways, with many women blaming the husband for the wife’s premature and preventable death.

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