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Kess promises to make Modella his second wife on BBNaijaS7


Kess has pledged to make Modella, a fellow housemate, his second bride.

Kess disclosed to Modella that he comes from a polygamous family and wants to take her as a second wife as the other housemates were gathering in the kitchen.

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Modella was outraged by Kess’ remarks and sharply corrected him. She continued by reminding him of his wedding vows.

Kess told Modella that since he is likeable, he will contact her family and that he seems to have planned his plan through.

Kess was admonished by Daniella, who entered the conversation and pointed out that he was married.

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Days prior to the incident, Kess’ wife had used social media to solicit votes to keep him in the house.


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