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Kills Her Husband’s Mistress at Age 58 Gives Justification


The personnel of the Adamawa State Police Command have detained 58-year-old housewife Hajaratu Sini for reportedly killing her husband’s mistress with a stick after she caught them with their pants down.

On July 31, the suspect, who is from Wumbirmi Tilli in the Michika Local Government Area, is accused of killing Kwada Drambi, the lover of her husband.

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Among the 38 suspects paraded by the Adamawa state police command in Yola on Tuesday was Hajaratu, a mother of two who wed her husband more than 40 years ago.

The dead, a widow, and Hajaratu’s husband have been having an illicit relationship. On July 31, however, Hajaratu raided the widow’s home at around 9 p.m. and caught them in a precarious situation.

Sini’s furious wife pursued him as he fled the room for safety and they continued to argue outside. However, in her fury, the dead followed them outside and got into a fight with the suspect in an effort to protect her new love.

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When Hajaratu lost control of herself, she smacked the deceased in the head with a stick she was holding. As a result, the victim fell to the ground and was subsequently declared dead after being taken to the hospital for treatment.

The suspect will soon be charged in court, according to S.K. Akande, the commissioner of police, who was parroting the suspect.


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