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Man 27 claims he cannot get employment because he resembles a child (Photo)


A 27-year-old man has gained notoriety after lamenting that he is unable to find employment because he has a childlike appearance.

Videos of Mao Sheng from China’s Guangdong province garnered popularity through social media.

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In the video, he bemoaned the difficulties his appearance has brought into his life.

He claimed that many employers don’t believe him when he says he’s a specific age, while others worry that their presence would attract notice from the police, who might initiate an investigation if they suspect that child labor rules are being broken.

In the original video, which was shot on a street in Dongguan, China, he expresses his annoyance at not being able to provide for his father financially because he is unemployed.

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He even said that although he had first gone job hunting with a friend, who had immediately secured employment, he had received no offers.

His video went viral right after, and it seems that several potential companies are now interested in hiring him

According to Oddity Central, a subsequent video showed Mao taking one of the jobs.

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