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Man Criticizes His Mother for Undermining Their Relationship – What Actions Would You Take in This Situation?


A young man who fell head over heels in love with a single mother of three children wept on social media.
He claimed that he requested the woman to come in with him and her children after she just lost her job.

Unfortunately, his family doesn’t approve of the connection and wants him to break up with the woman.

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I’m in love with a single mother of three, he said.
I helped her with her kids after she recently lost her work. Although she is ten years my senior, I genuinely want to wed her. However, my parents want the relationship to stop.

Examine some of the remarks below: @katty west24:

“My husband and I already had three children together, and now that we are expecting our fourth child—my brothers—I’ve never seen him so pleased. Love is genuine.

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@gracechuzy: “Love has no limits, even in this terrible position… If you follow your heart, you’ll succeed.

“Your families are correct to be concerned, but you just need to see from both perspectives, yours and theirs, weigh your options properly,” tweeted @rodiahadeola1.

@rihbill: “Maybe a single lady wouldn’t have helped me to achieve that. I’ve been married to my wife for two, seven years, and we own our own home.”

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What Actions Would You Take in This Situation?
Please comment.


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