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Mary Njoku an actress criticizes women who compliment their husbands for helping with the kids


Actress Mary Njoku has criticized wives who praise or thank their husbands for helping them with basic household tasks that they are expected to assist with.

She claims that these wives are the root of their issues.

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The majority of men are not known for helping their wives with childcare or other menial tasks, so when they do, the women tend to compliment them.

Mary however, believes it’s inappropriate because it’s something that men should be doing naturally.

According to the actress it has become usual for a woman to compliment a man when he lends a hand in caring for the children in any form, whereas caring for the children is a responsibility that both he and the children share.

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Then Mary Njoku offered an example of how a friend of hers was complimenting her husband for simply clearing his plate after eating.

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