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Mr. Macaroni says those who demand sex in exchange for roles should face punishment


Mr. Macaroni, a well-known comedian and skit creator in Nigeria, stated on Saturday that anyone accused of having sex for a part should be probed and punished appropriately.

In a Lagos interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Mr. Macaroni stated that such accusations should not be ignored.

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Mr. Macaroni is most known for his comedic Instagram videos in which he portrays a “sugar daddy.” His catchphrases “Ooin” and “You are doing well” are highly known.

He stated:

I’ve always spoken out against this behavior because I find it to be totally repulsive and abhorrent, even before I became a prominent figure.

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It is incredibly rude and highly demeaning, and it reeks of how much we have lost touch with humanity, therefore I have kicked against it, tweeted about it, and written about it a lot.

“People should be given roles and jobs based on their competency and ability to perform. How many will you share a bed with?

Rather than ignoring such behavior, he continued, there ought to be repercussions.

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“Reprehensible behavior should have repercussions in order to improve. If not, and if they are proven guilty, I hope there will be just sanctions to deal with this.

And it’s not limited to sex; you may be asked to go and fetch money for a job. Will they look for work if they have money? We shouldn’t also sabotage the life of others, Macaroni argued.

He gave guidance to people going through such things to keep constant and loyal to themselves.

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“For such a budding artist, look at Mr. Macaroni; I’ll suggest that you consider my life and my journey since success doesn’t happen overnight.

“Don’t be in a hurry, I started acting as early as 2012 or even 2010, but by God’s grace, people just started to know me in 2019.

Continue on your road; success won’t be handed to you on a silver platter; you’ll have to work for it. Time and opportunity happen to everyone.

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Don’t think you have to sell your body or do anything else improper to reach that height, he advised. Instead, work hard and maintain your faith; with God’s help, you will reach your goal height.


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