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My First Marriage Was Crushed by Social Media says Korra Obidi


Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer, declared that she had had enough of social media and would no longer promote her next suitor there in an effort to keep her relationship intact.

The outspoken dancer thinks that individuals on social media were to blame for her first marriage failing.

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Recall that Obidi recently dispelled rumors that she was expecting her third child after divorcing her spouse.

The newly scandalized divorced mother of two shared a video of her and her daughters on her Instagram Story.

Her protruding stomach was evident in the footage as she danced with her daughters. Following the video’s virality, many started to speculate that she might be pregnant.

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However, Korra Obidi dispelled the pregnancy speculations in her most recent Instagram post.

Obidi and her former spouse Justin Dean went through a divorce after he accused her of adultery and she countered by accusing him of domestic abuse.

The dancer said in a recent social media post that online envious trolls were continually intruding on their marriage by sending her husband derogatory letters and comments about her.

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“If I have another baby, I will never ever post him online,” she declared. It will be ruined by you guys in the same way that my previous marriage was. I’ll keep it a secret from you and your envious goat mouths.

“Back then, I recall someone emailing him and saying, ‘Look at what your wife is doing.’ each day! How is he going to stay put? How can he possibly stay put? How can he not order you to leave my home five days after giving birth? How can he resist doing that?


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