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Nasarawa Governor: The clergy’s attendance at the unveiling of Shettima demonstrates acceptance beyond religion


The All Progressives Congress (APC) vice presidential candidate Kashim Shettima was introduced in a ceremony where clerics were present, according to Nasarawa governor Abdullahi Sule, who believes that this indicates support for the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

In an interview with Channels Television on Wednesday, Sule stated.

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Shettima, a Muslim from the north-east, was named Bola Tinubu’s running mate for the 2023 presidential election on July 10. Tinubu is a Muslim from the south-west.

Some Nigerians had criticized the Muslim-Muslim ticket, calling it a “injustice” to the Christian population.

The unveiling ceremony happened earlier on Wednesday at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua center in Abuja.

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To promote the APC vice-presidential candidate, several people dressed as Christian priests did attend the ceremony.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) criticized the APC over the development, claiming that “artisans” were hired to act as priests.

In response to inquiries on the Muslim-Muslim ticket, the governor of Nasarawa claimed that Tinubu persuaded party members that Shettima is the ideal vice-presidential candidate because of the latter’s credentials.

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“Shettima is a brave and fearless person. He is someone who believes in the economy and was there with Boko Haram when these problems first started. He was once a banker, according to Sule.

“He (Tinubu) gave all these criteria, which allowed him to choose this individual. So, in the end, he succeeded in persuading the party and the majority of us that Shettima is the best candidate.

“That’s why I said you have some who will support and some who will not support, and it’s not along religious lines, because if you have all these men of God — leaders in their churches — who have come forward to say that they are 100 percent in support of this, then you know it’s crossed over religious lines,” she continued.

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