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Nigerian woman recounts how her cleaner told her not to report to work because she was “high”


A woman from Nigeria related her story about how her cleaner told her she couldn’t come to work because she was impaired by drugs or alcohol.

The woman, who went by the name Grace Chibueze-Okere, said on Facebook that her cleaner had missed work and that she had continuously contacted her phone to find out why but that she had not answered.

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A few hours later, the cleaner texted her to let her know that she still needed some time to recuperate from the drug or alcohol she had consumed the night before.

Grace pointed out that the cleaner receives compensation for her work and questioned whether or not she should make allowances for when she is high. She was perplexed by the cleaner’s impunity.

It’s not free o, I pay her wage, therefore I should make accommodations for her high days, she stated. “Not my cleaner sending me a message that she can’t come to work after I called numerous times. That she got high the prior day and is still down. times are interesting!”

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