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Nobody is safe in Nigeria right now according to Mahdi Shehu


General John Temlong (retired), a former commander of the Multinational Joint Task Force, and human rights advocate Mahdi Shehu discussed the security situation in Nigeria and how no one is secure because Nigeria is currently under siege on Tuesday’s ARISE News Morning Show.

According to human rights campaigner Mahdi Shehu, a government is responsible for defending the lives, property, honor, and dignity of its citizens, and any administration that does not uphold these values ought to be overthrown.

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A government “shouldn’t be in power if it fails to defend the lives, property, honor, and dignity of the population,” he stated.

He also complained that despite borrowing and spending billions and trillions of naira due to security concerns, the number of murders, kidnappings, assaults, and threats is rising daily.

“A country with an organized security system, with trillions of naira spent every day and billions of dollars borrowed in the name of security, yet every day there are harvests of deaths, kidnappings, maimings, assaults, and threats by the hour, by the day, by the week, by the month, and throughout the year.”

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General John Temlong (ret. ), who served as the former commander of the Multinational Joint Task Force, claimed that the government and the terrorists are engaged in a game of wits over who can use fear to control the narrative and kidnap Nigeria’s President and head of state, Muhammadu Buhari.

The terrorists’ statement should not have received as much media attention, he said, because that would indicate that the operation had been successful.

He conceded, “If we pay a lot of attention to it, it shows they were successful in instilling horror and fear in the populace.

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He continued by saying that one of the main issues in Nigeria is the inability to comprehend the issues, and that in order for the nation of Nigeria to experience any change, these issues must be addressed from the ground up by supplying the essentials.

“Goodluck Jonathan was removed from office due to his incompetence and inability. He was chased out because he couldn’t deliver. Jonathan would be giggling and enjoying a cup of tea in the coziness of his bedroom if we could travel back in time to 2015.

“Goodluck Jonathan fell victim to misinformation. Despite having his own flaws, he did well for me and did it with good intentions. Overall, he was a kind and honest person. He claimed that he was willing to sacrifice everything for the country but that he had been blackmailed.

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Additionally, he suggested that, like in many other nations, candidates for political office, especially the presidency, should undergo stringent mental and other tests before being elected.

He concluded by noting that rather than laying the blame, the wealthy are worsening, supporting, and funding instability in Nigeria since there are businesses who trade in crises and profit from what is taking place.


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