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Obasanjo advises youths “Take over leadership now. Tomorrow may never come


Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president of Nigeria, has urged young people to assume leadership roles immediately.

Insisting that they should not be addressed as the leaders of tomorrow since that day may never arrive, Obasanjo warned youths.

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If the younger generation does not rise up and take control of their own future, according to Obasanjo, some corrupt politicians will destroy the so-called tomorrow.

The claims were made by the former president on Saturday during a special interview with Segun Odegbami, a former Super Eagles player, on his Eagles7 Sports 103.7 FM, Abeokuta station.

Asked a query by Odegbami, Obasanjo responded,

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“Never let anyone tell you that you are the leaders of future, is my advise to young people in Nigeria. If you wait till tomorrow to assume control, tomorrow could not come. They’ll obliterate it.

Youths need to rise up and take action now, he urged.


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