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Obidients scream “We only matched with the Nigerian flag” as police use tear gas to disperse a demonstration


The supporters of Mr. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, LP, were attacked and gassed by the Nigerian police on Saturday as they marched in Ebonyi state with a million other people.

According to information obtained by pressloaded, tear gas was used by the security forces to scatter the Obi supporters who had assembled at the Pastoral Center Abakaliki.

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Many members of the Obi-dent movement are said to have left the area in search of safety, while some are said to have been detained by authorities.

Mr. Ugoama Stephen, one of the leaders of the Obi-dent movement, spoke to journalists at the event in Abakaliki and urged the state governor, David Umahi, to address the situation. He also denounced the attack on the state’s youths, who, in his opinion, had only carried the Nigerian flag to show their support for a preferred presidential candidate.

“The police broke my phone this morning,” he claimed. Because they haven’t done anything, we demand that the people the police have detained be released immediately.

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“Not even a stone was brought out here by anyone. We did not leave this place with a pin. The Nigerian flag is what we brought with us when we arrived. The Labour Party’s LP emblem is what we have left behind.

The state where we have a presidential candidate was not fired, but this movement has taken place in every other region of the nation. They were left alone because the rally is nonviolent.

“Why is Ebonyi’s situation always unique? David Umahi, the governor, must address this. As he (Umahi) previously stated, the votes of the Ebonyi people belong to the APC. However, as an individual, he should permit us to support the candidate of our choice.

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“Nobody is pleased with what is occurring in Nigeria. Peter Obi, in our opinion, is the light that will illuminate Nigeria. Youths in Nigeria look to him as the light. He is the beacon that would put an end to everything that is happening in Nigeria, the speaker claimed.

However, he was unable to reach Chris Anyanwu, the spokesperson for the Ebonyi State Police Command, to inquire about their response as of the time this article was filed.

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