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Only candidates who can combat insecurity will receive North’s support according to Group


Leaders from the north have vowed to support any candidate in the 2023 presidential election who will successfully combat insecurity and release Nigerians from the difficulties they are now facing.

Over the course of a 2-day summit in Abuja, which was organized by a group called Arewa New Agenda, the leaders of the 19 Northern States and Abuja expressed their positions (ANA).

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They noticed that societal problems such as insecurity, division, sluggishness, and others were impeding the progress of the area and the nation as a whole.

Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) Secretary-General Murtala Aliyu expressed regret over the lack of action taken by northern authorities to address issues that have plagued the region for years.

In order to assure its rapid development in all areas of life for the overall uplift of the people, the region, in his opinion, “must strengthen its confidence and negotiate with the country’s political leadership.”

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In his testimony, Dr. Shuaibu Aliyu, the Director of Arewa House, argued that Northern Nigeria remained the country’s unifying force and urged all regional players to uphold their obligations in order to maintain the system’s sanity.

Senator Ahmad Moallahyidi, who organized the meeting, said that the area has 98.3 million hectares of land, of which 82 million are arable, and that it can feed not only Nigeria but the entire West African subregion. He also added that the issues the region has must be overcome.

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