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Oshiomole: Obi can’t address insecurity because he failed to address it when governor of Anambra


Adams Oshiomhole, a former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), believes that Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), cannot handle Nigeria’s insecurity since he was unable to do it in Anambra while he was governor.

At the APC’s progressive young leaders conference on Sunday in Abuja, Oshiomhole made this statement.

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In a recent interview with CNN, Obi claimed that Nigeria was in risk of falling apart and that, if elected, he would address the nation’s economic and security challenges.

For those of you who are social media fighters, there are issues here that you need to speak about, Oshiomhole retorted. Look at the first six months of governor Obiano’s rule in Anambra state on Google,” he said.

“You can watch governor Obiano use bulldozers to destroy the homes of kidnappers and those associated with what they called Bakassi boys or even girls on YouTube.

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“Who served as governor when Bakassi emerged in Anambra, and who oversaw the resolution of the issue? How can a man convince others that he will resolve the security issues throughout Nigeria if he couldn’t resolve a courageous security issue in his own state?

Don’t rob me of it. Visit YouTube to learn more about Governor Obiano’s first six months in office and who his predecessor was.

“Will Obiano be employing bulldozers to destroy people’s homes – homes of kidnappers and Bakassi boys? If the [predecessor] had fixed the situation.

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“So, did you fix your state when they said, ‘I will fix Nigeria’?”

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