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Owner of Chelsea Criticized For Purchasing Players the Team Didn’t Need


Jamie Carragher, a former defender for Liverpool, has observed that Chelsea is currently buying whatever player they come across in the transfer market.

Carragher thinks that majority of the players that Todd Boehly, the owner of the Blues, is bringing in could not wind up being crucial to the team.

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Marc Cucurella, a left-back for Brighton, is expected to join Chelsea, but Carragher questions if the Blues really need him given that they already have Ben Chilwell and other quality defenders.

The former Liverpool player believes that Chelsea’s continued pursuit of Cucurella is evidence that the team is “panicking.”

“I think most football teams are run now, it’s a lot more organized, a lot more kind of, you know, who you want, it’s not sort of these panic things used to happen in the past and people just go buy and you’d look at it,” the author said.

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“I observe a few actions by Chelsea and wonder whether they are in a panic since they haven’t purchased anyone and need to do so.

He remarked on Sky Sports, “You spent £50m on Ben Chilwell, and now you’re trying to recruit another left back, like you didn’t want them a month before, you want them now.”


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