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Pastor Enenche: Nigeria Will Soon Shocker The World Naira Will Be Strong Again


According to Dr. Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, Nigeria’s splendor will soon return.

While leading his followers in a prayer for the nation on Wednesday, the man of God declared that the country would soon shock the entire globe as things will change for the better.

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He emphasized that the Naira, the currency of Nigeria, will soon restore its strength against the US dollar, as well as the worth of the nation’s international passport.

“Nigeria will prosper again, and this country’s tourism industry will continue to thrive,” he declared. The planet will produce minerals that we have never seen before.

“There will come a time when evil individuals will have a hard time surviving here, not to mention anchoring power.

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“Our passport will be valuable again, and our currency will be powerful once more.

“The entire globe will witness and gasp. Nigeria is under a prophecy that hasn’t even been scratched about world evangelization.

The well-known gospel preacher prayed for the quick elimination of terrorists and those who support them over the security problem that plagues the entire country.

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“This country will serve as the final resting place for murders, supporters, and accomplices of terrorists.

“This dirt will suffocate them from wherever they come from. We don’t actually speak like that. There is a cover for it,” he continued.


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