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Peter Obi explains meaning of Obidient


Frontline 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi has given a breakdown of the word Obidient.

Obidient, formed from his surname Obi, was coined by his supporters and is used to identify a staunch one.

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In a Twitter post on Saturday, the Labour Party (LP) flagbearer explained the term.

“O – Organized; B – broad-based; I – Inclusive; D – democratic; I – international; E – excellence-driven; N – Nigerians from every ethnic group; T – Transparency in governance”, he tweeted.

The 61-year-old businessman and banker-turned-politician was the governor of Anambra State for eight years.

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Obi, a former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart, has a cult-like following among youths across the nation who say they are tired of the old guard.

The candidate is currently on a tour of countries, meeting institutions, groups as well as Nigerians abroad.

Speaking in Atlanta on Friday, Obi promised that his administration would invest in security, diplomacy, and economic engagement.

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He said this would take the country on a prosperous path and make it remain a highly valued contributor to the global economy.

“We look forward to the international community supporting Nigeria’s efforts to promote economic growth and social inclusion; to our boldly tackling corruption from its roots.

“We intend to truly stamp out corruption finally with a zero-tolerance approach to this cancer that stymies growth. We will have zero tolerance for corruption. You can expect a sledgehammer approach.”

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Obi added that a stable and peaceful Nigeria would contribute to Africa’s continued rise and integration into the global economy.

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