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Peter Obi says that Nigeria’s three main issues are corruption insecurity and the cost of governance


Peter Obi, a prominent 2023 presidential candidate, has outlined the principal issues Nigeria is facing.

The flagbearer for the Labour Party (LP) talked to CNN on Friday.

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Obi emphasized that in order to ensure adequate food supplies, insecurity must be aggressively combated.

“You need to convince farmers to return to their farms and make sure that the huge area in the North is farmed.

“You must begin rescuing individuals from poverty as soon as feasible.

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The expense of governance must be aggressively reduced, and corruption must be addressed.

Despite being the biggest oil producer in Africa, Obi urged for greater private sector involvement in the importing of refined fuel.

“Our refineries can operate for any cause. Refinery construction should be supported by the private sector.

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The former governor of Anambra further stated, “Remove fuel subsidy, use the resources to boost important areas of production.”

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