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Police PRO: If a police officer slaps you you have no right to retaliate


According to the Nigeria Police Force’s spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, if a police officer were to slap a “civilian,” that individual would not have the right to react.

AdejobI, who posted on Twitter, recommended any such victim to report their incident to the appropriate law enforcement body.

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In response to a widely shared video showing a man pulling a weapon beside a police officer during a heated exchange, the police spokesman added that anyone attacking law enforcement officers in uniform would be committing “an act of disrespect to Nigeria.”

Even if a police officer in uniform slaps a civilian, the latter has no right to respond in kind. The act of beating an officer while he is in uniform is very disrespectful to Nigeria. It is illegal to disrespect our country as defined by our criminal laws, not the police officer.

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So, rather than the actions of the policeman, it was the response of the bystanders who actually attacked the police. You should report police who assault civilians so that corrective action can be taken rather than using the law against them. (sic)


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