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R Kelly Found Guilty Of Sexual Crimes By Jury Co-Defendants Cleared


R&B musician R. Kelly was found guilty of committing sex charges by a jury in the US, including making images of child sexual abuse and forcing minors into sex activities.

On Wednesday, a 12-person jury in Chicago convicted Mr. Kelly guilty of six of the 13 charges that were leveled against him. He was found guilty of filming three instances of child sex abuse and coercing three minors into illicit intercourse.

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Nevertheless, Mr. Kelly was acquitted of other charges, including attempting to tamper with evidence in his 2008 conviction for child pornography.

The prosecution charged Mr. Kelly with conspiring to obstruct justice in Cook County Court during the 2008 trial by intimidating and paying a family of a teenage girl to remain quiet regarding a video he recorded showing him peeing on the girl during a sex act.

Along with Mr. Kelly, two of his erstwhile associates, Derrell McDavid and Milton Brown, were also prosecuted for their participation in the plot. Messrs. McDavid and Brown were cleared of all charges on Wednesday.

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The jury also watched three sex movies that the prosecution alleged showed Mr. Kelly assaulting his 14-year-old goddaughter, and they listened to evidence from over 30 witnesses over the course of four weeks.

During the trial, four women—including the pivotal witness who went by the moniker “Jane”—declared that Mr. Kelly had sexually assaulted them when they were minors.

Last September, Mr Kelly was found guilty of multiple racketeering and sex trafficking charges based on sexual exploitation of children, kidnapping, forced labour, and eight violations of the sex-trafficking statute. On all counts, he was found guilty.

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