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Regina Daniels says as she announces the name of her son “I am very blessed


Weeks after giving birth to her second child, Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has shared pictures from the naming ceremony for her new baby.

In a sweet statement, Regina had welcomed the birth of her second child.

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She made a poignant announcement upon the birth of her son, expressing how special June 29th had been for her and her family.

She explained that Moon and his younger brother would become steadfast co-conspirators and lifetime buddies.

Regina: “June 29th is definitely a lucky day for my family and I. with the biggest smile on my face. The birth of my second son is announced.

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With an unshakable friendship and a shared birthday, Moon and his younger brother are unquestionably going to be each other’s lifelong friends and partners in crime. I am extremely fortunate. I’m thrilled that you are overjoyed when you see newborns because you received the best gift.


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