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Residents of Osun State lament the state of the economy and want pay raises


Residents of Osun State have urged the federal and state governments as well as commercial organizations to raise their pay in light of the rise in the price of gasoline at the pump and the decline in the US dollar’s value relative to the Naira.

Some locals who spoke with pressloaded on Saturday in Osogbo said that the cost of products and services as well as transportation has escalated due to the rise in gasoline prices and the Naira’s depreciation.

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The cost of goods in the market have increased, according to Adenike Aderemi, a civil worker with the Osun State Water Corporation, since the exchange rate was announced earlier in the week.

As a stay-at-home mother, she continued, she was aware that although her family’s budget had grown, her earnings had not.

“I am aware that our household budget would need to shift once more. Whatever my husband and I had previously brought to the table would need to be increased once more.

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“This might create a little bit of tension, but we’ll work on settling it down as time goes on.

It is a significant issue, and while I am unsure of how to do so, we must do so.

She spoke.

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In his own words, Akinwale Ola acknowledged that while his pay at the end of the month was still acceptable, the country’s economic crisis made the future uncertain.

Elizabeth Akindoyin said to pressloaded that she had to reduce some of her expenses and had turned to taking public transportation to get from her house to work.

She admitted that she was now considering looking for alternative sources of fuel to prepare meals for her family.

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“My family is now considering cooking our meals with charcoal or firewood.

“Make your survey at the market. You are also aware that the price we paid in January to purchase one Congo of rice has changed.

“Before the latest price hike, many of us could not even get by on our paychecks until the following pay day. Some of us use our paychecks to pay off debt.

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He spoke.

The money that would be added to the salary should be sufficient to justify the rise, according to Kayode Ajagbe, who urged the government to raise wages.

He said that only divine intervention would bring about the needed transformation, observing that the situation was depressing and had begun to harm families that were fighting to live above average.

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“What this means is that families that were previously living somewhat over average are now doing so. As a result of the Naira’s crash, which will affect many houses, poverty has once more worsened.

“The rise in fuel prices would inevitably lead to a rise in food prices, which is also a result of the rise in transportation costs,”

He bemoaned.

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The Naira fell to N710 to the dollar earlier in the week, and in some States, the cost of gasoline per litre has gone up.

A trip to the marketplaces revealed that vendors had raised the cost of food and other items.


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