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Senators would remove Lawan if he prevents the impeachment of Buhari


POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Nigerian senators are preparing to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari as a result of the country’s continuing security situation.

You might remember that several senators left the plenary a few days ago when Senate President Ahmed Lawan forbade debate of President Buhari’s failure to put an end to the nation’s protracted struggle with insecurity.

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They also convened a news conference where they handed the President a six-week ultimatum to address the problem or risk being impeached.

In a recent interview, Senator Francis Fadahunsi, who represents Osun East in the Red Chamber, acknowledged that efforts are being made to remove President Muhammadu Buhari from office. He also stated that Senate President Ahmed Lawan would be ousted if he tried to obstruct the process.

“We have been discussing and offering solutions to the nation’s security issues, but the Head (Senate President) is tethered to the Villa. He has obstructed all of our efforts to act harshly against the President.

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Now that the nation is being decimated by terrorists with no government strategy to fight them, we have decided to strike while the iron is still hot rather than wasting our time working with the leadership of Ahmad Lawan. We’re not going to wait till we are all dead.

“We have now made the decision to withdraw from the ‘rubber stamp’ arrangement so that all of Nigeria will know that we have not been in support of the faltering economy, the accumulating massive debt, the falling naira, the widespread insecurity, and the unprecedented levels of corruption in the polity,”

“Unfortunately, our current leader (Lawan) previously led the opposition lawmakers and was exposing systemic flaws at the time. He now doesn’t want anyone to oppose Buhari’s administration, even though things are deteriorating rapidly. Because we were chosen by the people, any leader who resists such a challenge in a democratic environment must likewise face criticism.

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“Go and speak with the majority of the senators. The federal government’s ministries, departments, and agencies are not subject to any meaningful monitoring. The budget will be brought by Buhari, and his supporters would want us to pass it as soon as he brings it. There are no audits, and MDA leaders are free to act however they like.

He explained, “That is why we decided that we would impeach him if we returned on September 20 and found that the situation is still the same, with no meaningful advances achieved.


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